How I Got Here

If someone were to tell me three years ago, or even ONE year ago, that I would have my own bakery in downtown Georgetown, I’d say you were crazy.


A year ago, I was a full time, stay at home mom. I knew nothing about baking & decorating cakes, making cake decor, working up my own recipes, and running a commercial kitchen. February 2020, I decided that I was going to start making my boys’ birthday cakes to save us some money. So I did a little research on cake decorating tools, what supplies I’d need, and I watched some YouTube videos on cake decorating. Much to my surprise, my first decorated cake turned out beautiful, delicious, and I had SO much fun making it.


I spent the following days reading more about decorating, watching more YouTube videos, and baking more cakes. Posting them on social media got more attention than I expected. Everyone LOVED seeing my cakes, and I had some people messaging me asking if I planned on selling.

Alex (my husband) and I talked. We decided that we would apply for a home based processers permit, and a business license so I’d be able to legally sell my cakes out of our home. The process went quickly and smoothly. I had my license & permit in hand by the beginning of April.

Meanwhile, my Facebook page was growing in likes and followers. I began experimenting with new baked goods. Specifically- cakesicles. I’d learned about this idea on a Facebook baking group. Cake pops made in a mold to the shape of a popsicle. They quickly became my most popular item, along with chocolate covered Oreos.

I had a frequent customer, lover of chocolate covered Oreos, Sarah Christian. Owner of Abby Mae’s Boutique. I got a message from Sarah asking if I’d be interesting in having a pop up at the boutique on the weekends.

I was SO excited, spent the next couple of days planning my inventory, and shopping for the perfect displays on Facebook marketplace. I was nervous, but I set up, and sold out in 3 hours on my first day!

Some weeks went by, and I started to feel very overwhelmed. Working out of my kitchen during all hours of the night to keep up with my orders, taking care of my boys alone because my husband was working and a full time student. I was thinking about how much easier it would be to have my own space to work outside of my house.

Wouldn’t you know it, the boutique is equipped with an unused full commercial kitchen. Exactly what I needed! So we worked out the logistics for the kitchen inspections and licensing, got everything out of my home kitchen.

I’ve been there since June 20, growing my business every week. I am so thankful for my shop, my customers, Sarah for finding me & believing in me, my friends, family, and husband for supporting me. My sister, Amanda, for helping me SO much when I need her and always making time for me.

I never expected this to happen when I made that first cake in February, but I couldn’t be happier. I continue researching the best techniques and recipes, learning about my customers, and working on becoming a better baker and business owner. I can’t wait to continue growing and serving Georgetown.